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Cross Prime Consultancy will provide your business with useful advice on a wide variety of aspects specific to the food and drinks trade. We advise pubs, cafes, restaurants and catering providers. Over the last 15 months, many businesses in this sector have suffered huge losses, financial and reputational. We can help your business restart, start, wind down or change direction. Every minute aspect of your business is reviewed, from kitchen planning, suppliers, pricing to staff overheads, HR issues and strategic planning.  Contact us now for an informal chat…Give your business the thorough review it needs.

Sushi Chef


We visit your premises, examine systems and processes and listen to the issues you outline before we guide you through a comprehensive and tailored solution. 

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Any business in the food and drinks trade can avail of our consultancy services. We will undertake a brief phone call with you and an initial site visit before both parties agreeing to the next steps and the levels of consultancy required

Professional Chef


Cross Prime Consultancy provides pragmatic solutions for businesses too busy to efficiently deal with ongoing problems

Accounting Tasks


After initial mentoring we review all operational aspects of your business. We look at overheads, pricing, sales, business structure, staffing and management.

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